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    Soluble Aemostatic Anti-adhesive Nasal Dressing Approved by FDA

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    Soluble Aemostatic Anti-adhesive Nasal Dressing Approved by FDA
    * : * : admin * : 2020-03-18 * : 0

    With the rapid development and wide application of nasal endoscopic surgery, more and more people are paying attention to the material and performance of hemostatic and anti-adhesive nasal dressings. The main purpose of packing is to control bleeding, edema, and prevent adhesions between adjacent soft tissues structures, having been widely used at home and abroad.

    Since 2014, Zhejiang MHDC Pharmaceutical Technology company has started to research and develop the soluble hemostatic and anti-adhesive nasal dressing, which is committed to develop a new generation of decomposable special biomedical materials, aiming to improve the safety and effectiveness of products and strive to minimize the pain of patients during and after surgery, replacing imported products to achieving localization of imported products.

    With the years of unremitting efforts of MHDC' R&D team, this project has won delightful phase achievements.  Recently, the product ofsoluble anti-adhesive nasal dressing has been approved by the FDA in March 2020, being expected to enter the U.S. market by end of 2020.

    FDA approval number: 3016426830.


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